Mark your calendars for June 27, 28 and 29. The time is quickly approaching for our 27th annual Garden Walk and Faire. Our garden walk committee works year round and we have 5 beautiful gardens this year. During the next few months you will have the opportunit02315-pk-p1y to volunteer to help make this event the success it has been for the past 26 years! We need 85 volunteers over this 3 day event so please reserve a day to help make it a success. Last year a check was presented to the CWC in the amount of $10,000 due to the hard work and dedication of all our volunteers. The garden walk is our chief fundraiser for scholarships and philanthropy so contact your friends and family to join us for a fun day of beautiful gardens, shopping at our unique boutique faire and lunch! Tickets go on sale in MAY and we will be selling them at our spring luncheon.